Yoga Classes in your Office

London based teacher can visit your company

Bring yoga to the office and everyone will benefit

Yoga can reduce many of the stresses that work generates – both physical and mental. The benefits of regular yoga classes are huge, from the unknotting of tense shoulder and neck muscles to renewed clarity and ability to stay focussed. By teaching simple breathing techniques, stress can be relieved and calmness and concentration renewed.

Yoga revitalises the immune system and improved immunity means fewer days away from the office.

Yoga harmonises and balances the brain, so that logical and creative thought come closer together.

Through regular, supervised yoga practice, the back will become stronger, which will reduce backache.

Yoga makes one feel good - it transforms a bad day into one of inspiration and renewed energy.

Yoga is good for team building and can improve trust and communication between colleagues.

In today’s workplace, there are so many pressures to perform and yoga can help in rationalising and creating a platform for effective and successful businesses.

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