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Yoga and footballers

As written in the Sunday Times on 17th January, 2010
Ryan Giggs is a great fan of yoga; it is essential for his daily routine. The yoga helps keep him loose and give elasticity to muscles especially his hamstrings, which were prone to injuries as a younger player, and has brought such good results that several of the Manchester United players do yoga after training. He says it is tough, but you use muscles you donít normally use and it's a good way to stay fit. It is not just about breathing and relaxing and is not considered New Age or woolly! He says you have to keep it up no matter what, as it has served him very well and he will carry it on right to the end of his career.

Nottingham University Boat Club

Carol was invited to train the Senior Men's Rowing Squad of the Nottingham University Boat Club. Rowing is a very strenuous sport and the training involved is tough. Many rowers in the squad were suffering injuries and yoga was suggested as a means to make the teams understand that flexibility is so important for the joints and muscles of the body. After the first session, the teams were surprised how challenging yoga was. The feedback was exciting, as they felt that learning about the correct alignment and extension of the body, together with breathing in the yoga poses felt very beneficial and it was like having a complete workout. The said "wow, we found muscles we didn't know we had!" After 3 sessions with the teams (now including the girls too!) which enabled Carol to teach the basic yoga moves, she set up a daily yoga practice for each individual. Carol will return to Nottingham each month to assess the teamsí progress and teach further yoga sequences. Realise your potential and add yoga to your sports routines.

Exclusive Yoga Classes By Yoga Guru To The Stars at The Montcalm Hotel


The Montcalm Hotel in London is delighted to announce that yoga guru to the stars, Carol Barnett, will be holding exclusive classes at the hotel.

Carol is one of London's most highly regarded yoga instructors. She has been practising yoga since she was 18 and has been teaching full time since 1997. She now specialises in the famously rigorous Iyengar method. She runs the yoga classes at the Studio in London's West Ennd, close to the Montcalm. Further information can be found at

Having started out working in the corporate world, Carol embraced yoga after a skiing accident that saw her suffering from back pain and foot problems. She knows from her own experience, therefore, just how valuable regular yoga practice can be. "Yoga is wonderful!" enthuses Carol. "It gives you a space in time when you can stretch your body, breathe slowly and feel the tensions and stresses of the day slip away from you. You leave the class feeling energised, relaxed and happy."

Carol is also qualified to teach pilates, the unique system of strength-building exercises that targets the core postural muscles. Pilates has legions of celebrity fans including Victoria Beckham, Dita van Teese and Gwyneth Paltrow. Known to help develop correct posture and alignment, it is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

"Pilates is a really wonderful work out for those suffering the stresses and strains of 21st Century living. The problems that come with hunching over a desk can soon be alleviated."

It follows, then, that yoga and pilates are ideal exercises for the business and leisure traveller. The Montcalm has taken the decision to offer yoga and pilates classes in recognition of the needs of its guests Ė be they in the city on high-powered business or for an action-packed weekend of shopping and shows. Classes can be tailored to the individual requirements of every guest be they beginners or experienced practitioners, male or female, young or old.


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