Yoga and Pilates Classes in Schools

Learn yoga and pilates at school

Beneficial for academic success, as well as building self-esteem and fitness.

We have had many years of experience teaching both yoga and pilates in schools for children from 5 years to 18 years. These lessons either form part of the school curriculum or are held as a separate yoga club.

We have been fully checked and passed by the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau).

The lessons are very enjoyable and tremendous fun, as well as being challenging and rewarding. For many pupils it is the first time they have tried this type of physical activity. Pupils who are not sporty find that they can get a great sense of achievement when they try yoga or pilates.

Yoga will increase flexibility, improve muscle tone, give more strength and energy and can help give the body a better shape. It helps develop concentration, improve breathing and give total relaxation.

Pilates works deeply into the core muscle groups; stomach, legs, shoulders, upper back and lower back. It helps to improve posture and gives the body a lean, toned look. It helps to eliminate lower back pain, aching shoulders and repetitive strain injury.

Both yoga and pilates work on re-aligning the body and teaching correct posture.

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