Client Testimonials and Recommendations

Carol Barnett has run yoga classes for the BBC and in offices across London, from lawyers to marketing companies. The feedback from clients speaks for itself.

"I found it very helpful... being tall I tend to slump a bit and it was very helpful being made aware of just how high my monitor needs to be."

"I received this advice and found it extremely useful. I am working on correcting the personal wrongs I have after my chat with Carol."

"I have back problems and I found the stuff she told me about posture very useful."

"I realise that I do fall into old habits, but the key benefit is that I am more likely to sit for longer in a good position, especially with my foot rest, and has reduced strain on my spine and neck particularly. I do feel more relaxed when I sit in the correct position, although I do move around a lot and so this effect is reduced. Also another benefit from having a foot rest now is that I'm less likely to cross my legs and twist myself around."

"I had a session with Carol late last year. It was quick and to the point and I found it very useful. The following week I managed to get a foot rest, as recommended, which has made a difference to the way I sit... I have stuck a little post-it note onto the top of my screen which says: sit back, tummy in, shoulders down - all the things I need to remember. Interestingly, someone else was sitting at my desk when I was out of the office and she noticed the little sign and tried to do those things too! So it's now a posture friendly workstation!"

"Carol was of great help in correcting my long-term posture problems. Other solutions were passive and left me grasping for a practical translation of the advice on offer. WIth Carol's help I have begun to learn which situations and working practises exacerbate my back pain and eye-strain. The fact that the care is ongoing is invaluable, as it is far too easy to let lessons slip away into lazy posture. Carol's work has meant I have more energy, more focus, and lose less time from headaches, backaches, and tiredness. It has also fostered a culture of healh-consciousness at work which has meant a happier and more productive workplace."

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